Image credits: Mobelli Outdoor Furniture and Home Fires.

Don’t be put off by the cold weather. Outdoor entertaining in winter is just as easy as the South African summer.

Keep it cosy

Start by making the entertainment area a warm place in which to relax. Install either a wood-burning fireplace or gas-burning product by the sitting area. Other heating alternatives include a moveable boma or a fire pit for a convivial campfire experience.

Free-standing gas heaters are also an option, especially as they warm up a space quickly. Choose furniture that is suitable for all weather conditions, and add throws and cushions for an inviting atmosphere.

What to cook

Outdoor cooking doesn’t have to mean a braai. Winter is the perfect excuse for making comfort food. Potjies are sociable and hearty, so are perfect for a cold evening. The Spanish paella is also a great idea for feeding a crowd, and it can be cooked in an enclosed space. An increasingly popular choice for an outdoor entertainment area is the pizza oven. Everyone can get involved in the cooking process, from rolling the dough to adding the toppings. What’s more, the pizza oven can be used for a range of other meal ideas, such as lasagnes and breads.

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