It is many women’s dream to have a walk-in closet just like – or even better than – Carrie Bradshaw’s from Sex and the City. For years, Carrie’s wardrobe moments have been envied. With these guidelines from local cabinetry experts, you too can achieve the ultimate dressing room…


“The key to wardrobe design is to firstly consider whether you want to display your clothes or have them concealed behind doors. Functionality is imperative, so ensure that everything has its place,” advises Philip Richards of blu_line.


Gone are the days when “dressing areas and walk-in wardrobe solutions were seen as simple storage. They are very much a personal space and many home owners are seeking to experience a sense of luxury and self-indulgence within these dressing spaces”, adds Anthea Adam of Colombini Casa by DIVA Cucine.

Colombini Casa by DIVA Cucine, Jhb

Reminding us that lighting is an important factor, Adam points out that illuminating not only brightens up the area so you can see all your clothing, shoes and accessories, but contributes to the ambience too.

Top tips:

Prioritise hanging space. While you can always add an extra set of drawers for smaller clothing items that can be folded, hanging space is hard to attain if you run out of it. Have a good balance of long and short hanging space for the garments you intend to hang.

When it comes to the colour scheme of your closet, neutral shades work best as they create the illusion of more space and a light airiness.

Furnishing your walk-in closet will give you a luxury feel: add an occasional chair or ottoman for seating, enough mirrors for viewing, a chandelier or pendant lighting for an element of style as well as a beautiful rug for underfoot comfort.

Colombini Casa by DIVA Cucine, Jhb

Featured image: Colombini Casa by DIVA Cucine