By Guinevere Davies, Project Consultant Monique Rankine, Photographer Nic Baleta

With all their birds having flown the nest, the home owners were looking to downsize – not necessarily when it came to square footage of the house itself, but in terms of the number of bedrooms required.

Having already cut their teeth on two separate home renovations in the past, they were also ready to tackle the challenge of building from scratch. “As our children have moved out, we were looking for something smaller than our previous home,” the owner reveals, adding: “We wanted fewer bedrooms and more space devoted to things like a double garage to store our vehicles and quad bikes. This is why we opted to build from scratch in the first place – to be sure we’d be moving into a home that has absolutely everything we want.

Whenever you buy a home, there will always be a few things about it you’ll want to change. With a new build, your wish list is already fulfilled.”

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