By Lisa Witepski, Project Consultant Glynis Kearney, Property Coordinator Charnay Shabe, Photographer Nic Baleta

A palette of light, bright materials and contrasting textures helped transform a dreary Tuscan double-storey into a home that warmly welcomes friends and family.

It took vision to imagine the once-fusty house – all dark wood and terracotta – as the sun-filled space it is today; but, since the home owners both work in creative fields, vision is fortunately something they have in droves.

The first step in the home’s metamorphosis entailed stripping it of its former dark colours and painting it entirely white, creating a blank canvas to which the owners could add new shades and textures. From here, they say, it was easy to see where a touch of off-white would add a bit of interest, or where suede paint could create tactile appeal.

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