Italtile is excited to unpack AIX (pronounced ‘ex’), a new tile range from Italian porcelain tile masters Atlas Concorde. It celebrates the warmth and unique textures of time-weathered limestone from around the world, in all its beautiful tones and natural pattern: from the pale creams and soft honeys of travertine, to the cooler tones of smoky ash and charcoal.

AIX is a magnificent remastering of the stone used since ancient times for its durability and beauty, as the building blocks of buildings, roads, tombs and monuments that represent the great steps in man’s evolution: the Egyptian Pyramids, the Greek Parthenon and the Roman roads, among many other landmarks. Quarried limestone became the material of choice across Western Europe (where it was plentiful, and relatively inexpensive) for the building and cladding of farmhouses and country villas.

The area of Aix-en-Provence in the south of France is famous for its many charming 18th century farmhouses with their weathered stone walls and cool stone-floored interiors. Atlas Concorde found inspiration in the centuries-old stone floors with their worn patina, irregular and patchy natural patterning, complete with markings and shading that create the appeal of ‘footprints in time’.

The gently worn appearance of the AIX range serves to reinforce the link between the living space and the surrounding nature. These authentic-looking tiles offer the perfect continuation of inside to outside and the ideal tile for the outdoorsy and open plan, free-flowing South African lifestyle.

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AIX is a 75 x 150 matt colour body tile, suitable for both floors and walls. It is rectified for a near-seamless installation, with 9 variated faces. AIX has been designed and manufactured for heavy foot traffic. The range offers creamy Blanc and honeyed Beige, as well as limited stock of the cooler colourways of ash-toned Cendre and dark, smoky Fumee. The new AIX range is an Italtile exclusive.