It doesn’t matter whether it is a modern loft or an old Cape Dutch building, the feeling thatch evokes is unique and hard to imitate with man-made materials. JNA Thatchers shares five benefits of a thatched roof.

Devon Valley Estate

1. Environmentally friendly: Thatch is a natural material and therefore renewable and sustainable. Its pleasing aesthetics easily complement an environment where the building and nature should integrate effortlessly.

2. Insulation: Along with the fact that thatch is very kind to Mother Nature, it is also a great natural insulator, immediately illuminating the need for any additional insulating materials.

3. Water and UV-proof: Due to structure and material, thatched roofs are naturally water- as well as UV-proof.

Modern take on thatched roofs in Holland

4. Versatility: The flexibility of the material makes thatch an incredibly versatile roof. Designers can bend and shape it in the most interesting and varied ways.

5. Space creation: Due to the required pitch of a thatched roof (to ensure water running down to keep the thatch dry and healthy), extra space is automatically created. Therefore what used to be a dusty, old attic can very easily be converted to an Airbnb loft, studio or just an extra room … with minimum renovations and effort!

Silver Villa

For any information regarding thatch maintenance, insurance or a new thatching project, contact JNA Thatchers.