Open and flowing spaces are a big design element when it comes to South African architecture, and this design principle is even clearer when it comes to creating a seamless flow between the inside and outside. Read on to find out how you can blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior of your home and create a hassle-free transition from one space to the next.

Meik Architects

It’s all about continuity

“Keep the floor finishes between the internal and external living spaces as continuous as possible,” suggests Nadine Naidoo, the principal architect at Meik Architects. She also advises creating large openings that connect the spaces and using sliding or stacking doors that will give you a great open link. To create a seamless transition, Naidoo recommends “including planting in your patio design as well, either by means of planters, planted walls or pot plants. And get some plants in your indoor space as these will create a link between the inside and outside and clean your indoor air too”.

Meik Architects

For a pleasant transition

To create the ideal transition, Hanno de Swardt, director at Onnah Design, emphasises the importance of ensuring that the connection/relationship between the inside and outside spaces are strong, both visually and physically. “Visual continuity by means of repeating colours, textures and finishes inside and outside will reinforce this concept,” says De Swardt. And when it comes to furniture and finishes, “Specify outdoor fabrics and furniture and use these in both the inside and outside areas. Add rugs too for that homely feeling.”

Onnah Design

Enhance the space

“With the clever use of frameless glass or shutters to separate the inside from the outside, you can create a gorgeous open-plan look and feel between the spaces that would result in the ideal entertainer’s paradise. This approach will not only create the perfect flow, but it will also make the home appear much larger than it really is,” says Collin Moodley, managing director of Tru Outdoor Luxury. He adds that the patio space should ultimately offer the same warm and welcoming feel as projected by the inside of the home.

A checklist to the perfect indoor/outdoor space

Alon Sachs, co-founder of Mobelli Furniture + Living, offers this checklist to help you achieve the perfect interior/exterior space in your home:

– Decide on the function of the space.
– Measure your space so that you can purchase furniture that will fit comfortably to avoid a cramped-up space or a sofa that appears lost in a big open space.
– Create a cosy and inviting space with comfortable seating. Remember to ask questions and make sure that the furniture is weather-resistant.
– Choose a table for guests to put their drinks on and be comfortable. For a lounge setting, you can choose a coffee table, side tables or even pouffes that will double up as extra seating.
– Light it up with fun lighting solutions such as LED Orb Balls.

Mobelli Furniture + Living

Featured image: Meik Architects