Want to feel as if you’re on holiday in a luxe hotel room, 365 days a year? Discover top ways to give your bedroom a decadent feel.

Layers, layers, layers

“Layering your bedroom with opulent textures is always a great idea. I often use an array of fabrics to achieve this – for example a vinyl headboard paired with soft velvet scatter cushions and finished off with a thick, plush bed-end throw.” – Jessica Boyer, owner and creative director, Jessica Boyer Interiors

Jessica Boyer Interiors

A pyjama lounge

“If your budget and the size of your bedroom allow for a pyjama lounge, I would encourage you to include this decadent area into your interior planning. We all – at some stage – find ourselves reading, on the phone, watching TV, working, or drinking tea in bed. By creating a designated area within the bedroom space, you are able to reserve the bed as a place dedicated to rest and rejuvenation.” – Audi Snÿman, owner, Audi Snÿman Interior Design

Audi Snÿman Interior Design

Incorporate rugs

“Dress the floors with a rug; it’s always very luxurious to step out of your bed and have that soft feeling underfoot. It adds that boutique ‘hotel-like’ feel to the space.”– Jessica Boyer, owner and creative director, Jessica Boyer Interiors

Jessica Boyer Interiors

All about colour and texture

“To give your bedroom a designer style, add different textures and keep the hue tones soft and complementary. Start by deciding on the colour scheme. A bedroom should be calm and relaxing so steer clear of harsh and bright colour schemes. Once you have your colour scheme look at different sized scatter cushions to add interest, remembering not to duplicate.” – Frans Alexander, owner, Frans Alexander Interiors

Frans Alexander Interiors

Incorporate bespoke design

“Allow your big pieces to shine by furnishing your bedroom with a few stylish, once-off pieces that bring you joy every time you walk into your bedroom. This will help make you feel relaxed and enjoy coming home to a space of luxury.” – Lela Sotyingwa, visual merchandiser, KARE Johannesburg

KARE Johannesburg

Clear out the clutter

“Less clutter in the bedroom and a few small décor pieces create a perfectly harmonious luxury bedroom. This allows you to play with colour on the walls to complete that decadent room you’ve always wanted, effortlessly!” –Lela Sotyingwa, visual merchandiser, KARE Johannesburg​

KARE Johannesburg

Go for cotton sheets

“Giving your bedroom that decadent boutique feel has never been this easy. Start with luxurious sheeting layers in 100% cotton. Of course, the higher the thread count, the more luxurious it will feel. At Volpes you can shop from our range of 300 thread count or 600 thread count available in various colours. Complete the look by adding a complementing duvet cover set, luxurious duvet inner and plush scatter cushions.” – Volpes buying team


Create height

“Windows are always a focal point in the room. We hang our curtains high to visually elevate the ceilings, adding grandeur and glamour to the space.” – Cherice Torlage, owner, Kraaines Interiors & Garden Centre

Kraaines Interiors & Garden Centre


“Headboard design has become more in demand than the bed itself! The headboard is the focal point in a bedroom, and sets the tone for the entire room. Opt for a statement piece that elevates the room by adding texture and colour. Headboards can make a bedroom feel cosier and help anchor the space. Whether you go for a wall-mounted headboard or one that sits of the floor, a headboard can completely transform the look and feel of your bedroom.” – Leanne Van Niekerk, owner and designer, LVN Interiors

LVN Interiors

Level up your furnishings

“For a decadent feel you will over-accentuate everything – this includes your finer details. Add in deep-buttoning or panel work on your headboard; use different shapes for your bedside pedestals and curtain rods – think scrolls, crystals and detailed holdbacks and end caps. Finally bring in some shine with opulent light fixtures.” – Kobus Thomas, interior designer, House of Interiors

House of Interiors

It’s all in the details

“For me, plush carpeting in a deepish colour is an effective way of giving a room a decadent feel. Other essentials are a gorgeous fragrance wafting through the room, a beautiful dressing table and high-end storage containers for all your cosmetics – in an antique, glam or slick design.” – Lynne Blumberg, owner, Lynne Blumberg Interior Design

Lynne Blumberg Interior Design