Pool cover
Can I anticipate any real savings and benefits if I install a solid pool cover?

Kit Solomon, Pool Cover Specialists South Africa: Most definitely. The benefits of a solid pool cover are endless and especially environmentally friendly. The savings achieved can be broken up into four main areas:

Evaporation: a solid pool cover will help to eliminate up to 80% evaporation and will therefore decrease the amount of top up water used, which many of us do about once a week.

Heating: loss of temperature in a pool is primarily due to the energy absorbed in evaporation which in turn cools the water temperature. When a solid pool cover is installed and used, heating costs are reduced and the pool will run warmer. Solar-type covers are becoming more popular and are available to maximise heat input.

Filtration: by using a solid pool cover, filtration run times can be significantly reduced, which will not only save on electricity, but will also have a positive impact on the environment.

Sanitation: real savings are achieved in this area, as chlorine and other sanitisers are not allowed to evaporate freely, resulting in a marked reduction of input cost.