Christmas in summer time, worlds away from its classic frosty milieu, calls for a creative celebration that embraces the season and exults in its colours, produce and carefree spirit.

A few ideas for summery Christmas decor

• Decorate your Christmas tree with beach elements like shells and starfish. A Christmas tree constructed from pieces of drift wood is beautiful and easy to do. Complete the look with shells tied onto the branches with twine, and hung at different lengths.
• Create a wreath from grass and shells or, for some festive cheer, make a wreath with cocktail umbrellas in vibrant summer colours.
• Make a snowman out of balloons, or out of beach sand.

For casual, summery Christmas dining,

• Embrace the traditional Christmas colours and serve up herb-and-olive-oil-marinated mozzarella balls, fresh basil & sweet grape tomatoes pierced with long colourful toothpicks and accompanied with a bowl of Balsamic vinegar for dipping.
• Cut watermelon slices into the shape of Christmas trees or make a fruit salad with watermelon cut in the shapes of stars.
• Pour melted chocolate into ice trays, place strawberries into each cube and allow chocolate to harden.
• Make melted snowman cookies with thick white icing, a white marshmallow for the snowman’s head and coloured icing for its face, scarf and hat.

If you’re bent on a traditional frosty Christmas,

• Hang a large Christmas wreath to your door that incorporates classic Christmas looks like green and red foliage with faux snow.
• Surround your home with lights in the shape of icicles and snowflakes. Opt for dimmer lighting to create a classic Christmas feel, and illuminate your home with candle light.
• Decorate a traditional pine tree (a fake one will do) with lights and Christmas baubles, surrounded by presents and sleeping bags for a cuddly present-opening.
• Fill personalized Christmas stockings and create your own bunting from hanging them.