By Sungula Nkabinde

Although there is an endless variety of furniture, each of which is available in different shape, size and material, these can be divided in to two main decor styles, namely classic and contemporary.

Contemporary designs give way for a modern interior, whereas classic furniture tends to be more traditional, offering a timeless and elegant ambiance. Both have their own, individual appeal, offering homeowners a choice between the two completely diverse designs as each creates a unique setting in its own right.

Clint Lewis of Clint Lewis interiors says classic homes tend to have a warmer palette as compared to more modern homes which tend to have more of a cooler grey palette.

“The lines of the furnishings in a traditional home tend to be softer and more organic as opposed to modern interiors which have crisper lines,”  says Clint.

Also, the surfaces in a classic home play a lot on texture (e.g. wood with heavier grains), whereas the surfaces in a contemporary home tend to be more light reflective (e.g. glass). Lastly, the grouping of complementing accessories can make for an interesting arrangement in a classical home, whereas large singular pieces are a focal point in a contemporary space.

For home owners looking to decorate their  home in line with a specific theme , Clint’s advice is to build a clear vision in their mind as to what they want exactly. He stressed the importance of doing research.  That is, speaking to industry professionals, collecting samples and pictures of interiors that inspire you, visiting trade shows and reading design and décor books (like the SA Home Owner magazine).