By Esther Moloi, Project Consultant Monique Rankine, Property Coordinator Monique Rankine, Photography Irma Bosch

The hustle and bustle of the city can be overwhelming for many. That’s why this home owner wanted a home that would allow her family to feel as if they are living in a peaceful haven, away from the demands of city life.

Although it is located in Waterfall Country Estate, the home transports its inhabitants to the calmness of the sea, with its monochrome look of whites and shades of blue.

The owner loves clean, white spaces. “I wanted a home that was white and modern, with the inclusion of pops of colour that would make the house feel warmer and not look too clinical,” she says.

This simple brief is what guided the interior decorator in creating a clean and contemporary design. “The aim was to make the home feel comfortable. I added pops of colour through various artworks, and paired that up with distinctive patterns and textured walls and floors to create a textured, monochrome look,” the interior decorator explains. The initial request to the architect was for functional areas that could be turned into private spaces when needed. Doors were added where there was a need for privacy, and to limit the noise in certain areas of the house. “What’s great about the design of our home is that a lot of people can do different things in the house without distracting one another,” the owner says.

The property embraces a flow between the indoors and outdoors, which makes it open and airy. This was achieved through the clever use of fabrics, pulled concrete and glass. The interior decorator was part of the project from the moment it broke ground.

White interiors can be tricky for most home owners with children, but in this case they worked well. All of the materials used are easy to clean, and, as much as the home is modern, it is child-friendly too.

For the kids’ rooms, the home owner preferred fun and spunky spaces. This meant colourful wall applications in the bathroom, and a loft set-up that separates the bed from the play area. “When we considered an area for the kids to play, I thought it would be great to take advantage of the space we have from the high ceilings. That’s why we created the kids’ rooms to have a dual function, while maximising the space that was available,” the owner notes.

The best part about this home is that every space is functional and is being used effectively.

“We enjoy having friends over, so I love the fact that we have stacking doors that open up our entertainment area to our patio, which we can enjoy in many different ways. The artificial turf that we have outside also gives the children a lovely play area which doesn’t get dirty easily,” she adds.

This home is simple and functional, with a clever use of space that makes it a very different kind of smart home.