Moon Dust, Sea Mist, Driftwood, Brown Grey and Sky Grey are just five of the new paint and stain finishes AMERICAN shutters has added to a key selection of its ranges.

Decowood Shutters in Sea Mist

“Interior design is an ever-evolving art – it changes to respond to our times, the natural world, other art forms and the constant innovation in architecture and product development,” says interior designer and AMERICAN shutters’ marketing director Karina Palmer. “To remain at the forefront of our industry, we ensure that our product innovation is in keeping with the leading local and international design.”

This design-centric approach remains true to AMERICAN shutters’ focus on timeless style and classic elegance, and is never at the cost of quality. “We do not follow fashion or trends, but look for finishes that have the ability to complement myriad interior design styles or décor themes.”

Normandy Shutters in Sky Grey

The Normandy Shutter Range is AMERICAN shutters’ exclusive solid timber range. Made from the wood of the sustainably grown and harvested kiri tree, these shutters have a unique silky knot-free appearance. This range has an impressive selection of stains and painted finishes, and now boasts an additional seven stains and 16 painted options.

The Normandy range is now available in a total of 68 colours.

Subtle changes in a colour can have a significant impact. Different shades of white for example can affect the warmth of the colour and how it interacts with other colours in the palette. The new Normandy Shutter paint and stain finishes appreciate the power of this subtlety by offering a wider range of shades in popular colours such as neutrals, whites and greys.

AMERICAN shutters’ most popular wooden shutter range, Decowood Shutters, now has an additional six new painted finishes. “These new colours are great news for home owners looking for Decowood Shutters in a non-white shade,” says Palmer. “From the warm shades of String and Crisp Linen to the darker shades of Stone Grey and Brown Grey, there is now something to complement any colour palette.”

The Decowood range is now available in a total of nine colours.