By Lisa Witepski, Project Consultant Catherine De Vincenzo, Property Coordinator Judy Fogarty, Photographer Chris Baker

“I didn’t want my home to be a showpiece; I want to be able to come off the beach and sit in any chair I like, even if my baggies are wet, and stand up again without having to replace the cushions,” says the homeowner.

This lack of formality is one of the things he enjoys most about the home chosen especially as a tranquil haven for retirement.

Admittedly, moving out of the family home and into a smaller space came with its challenges: there was the question of where to put all the old furniture, for example. That said, the home’s clever design means that there is no cramped feeling. “It’s very open. I love the 9m-span width in our living room; unbroken by any supporting pillars.” This feeling of spaciousness is amplified by the use of glass throughout the house, which allows for superb sea views from any room – even the kitchen.

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