Since blackboards are showing up more and more in home décor, office interiors and just about everywhere else, the writing seems to be on the wall. Here are a few creative ways to utilize chalkboard writing around the home.

  • Wall-sized blackboards

    With shopping lists, recipe ideas and all kind of other notes flying around a productive baker’s kitchen, writing essentials down in a clearly visible place can make all the difference. Having a handy blackboard in the kitchen keeps notes away from your preparation service and adds homely allure.

    Plascon makes a hardy blackboard paint that can transform any wall into a handy scribble space to remind you what time you put the roast on, or what you need for tomorrow’s pavlova. Just prep the wall with a sturdy base coat beforehand.

    Add memos as you go and take a quick snapshot of the wall with your phone before you head to the shop. If you have doubts about the permanence of painting the wall, rather paint a large piece of chipboard. Going this route means you can add a rustic frame around your blackboard for extra charm.

  • Restaurant style boards

    Next time you head to a junkshop or garage sale, stock up on trays, platters and plates with interesting borders. The more they clash in style and shape, the better. Give the inside a good coating with your blackboard paint leaving the edges clean.

    Hang your up-cycled boards in your dining room much like you would hang a collage of family photos. Use them to display your menu whenever you have dinner guests the way an authentic bistro would.

  • Blackboard drawers

    Ever forget where you stored last year’s Christmas wrapping paper? Painting cabinet doors and the front of drawers with blackboard paint means you can jot down contents as you go.

    Next time you’re hunting for the double-sided Sellotape, just take a step back and read the front of your crafts cabinet to see where it went. The same concept applies to kitchen cupboards and linen drawers. Just remember to update your writing as you move items.

    Image: Etsy