Situated in Hyde Park Shopping Centre, Generation Store; a leader in contemporary decor and design, now stocks DePadova’s latest range of Italian imported furniture and objects. The various tones and textures of the new fabrics selected by DePadova bring harmony, elegance and originality to each piece.

Founded by Fernando and Maddalena DePadova, who started their family business based on importing Scandinavian furniture and décor, the DePadovas introduced design from Northern Europe, which was the catalyst in revolution of Italian furniture design. “I chose what I liked, I was blown away by certain pieces of furniture, by those lines, by the diversity. I think I had an instinctive sense of aesthetics…Lets just say I understood perfectly when something was ugly”.

With Maddelena’s passion for sourcing Nordic pieces, DePadova has evolved into one of Europe’s most prestigious furniture brands, offering those with an eye for design contemporary furniture with personality. Each piece is classic in design, and the use of different materials add to the aesthetic of the piece.

The whole furniture collection offers pieces that can be adopted to any style, which makes this range truly beautiful.

Now available in South Africa for the first time, DePadova is part of Generation’s range of European furniture brands.