SPONSORED | Everyone wants to feel proud of their home – especially if they’ve decorated it themselves.

When it comes to making your house a home, the last thing you need is to overspend. Yes, it’s that time of year when visitors will pop in, and you want your house to look inviting, but budget can be a challenge. Here are some ideas that may help:


Often, the best way to make your home seem more spacious or appear fresh is to remove items that you no longer like or that are seriously outdated. Cracked or broken décor can be an eyesore. So, declutter and re-organise your living space. You’ll be amazed at the result.

Be bold

It’s not a bad idea to step out of your comfort zone. If you are reserved when it comes to choosing colours, think out-of-the-box this time round. Consider painting your hallway a bold colour, like a deep yellow, blue or even purple. Then hang prints, paintings, family photos and whatever else you like on the wall. Bold colours are pretty unexpected in a hallway but could make a chic and unique backdrop for your display.


Greenery adds a kind of pizzaz because it is so appealing to the eye. And no matter whether you prefer fresh plants and flowers or fake ones, it will impress. It’s hard to tell the difference these days.

Mix, don’t match

You don’t need to stick to a uniform theme. An eclectic mix is always on trend and is easy to create. The basic rule of thumb is to mix – and not match. If you have two red chairs, why can’t the third one be another totally different colour? There’s no need for you to break the bank to find matching furniture. Simply allow your inner creativity to shine and add a fun, individualistic bohemian vibe to your living space.

Re-organise your plates

By hanging up interesting plates you can personalise your kitchen. RealSimple.com recommends that you use plate hangers, available at most hardware stores, and start by putting the most dramatic plate in the middle of the wall. Then arrange the other plates in a pleasing pattern around the central piece.

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