By Kerry Johnston

Mirrors make spaces appear bigger, they reflect light and create depth. They also help direct the flow of chi – the natural energy that runs through everything – if you prescribe to the rules of feng shui. Here’s how to make the best use of them in your home…


  • Use mirrors to help widen narrow spaces, such as staircases and passages.
  • Go big! Use oversized mirrors in small areas. A large, framed, upright floor mirror leaned up against a wall works well.
  • Place mirrors strategically – instead of reflecting something random, place a mirror so that it reflects a colourful piece of art perhaps.
  • Hang mirrors in dark spaces where you want to reflect as much of the available light as possible back into the room.
  • Mirrored furniture, such a mirrored chest of drawers placed next to a wall in a small room, will give the illusion of extra floor space.
  • Practise good feng shui. A mirror above a fireplace brings good energy into a room, as does placing a ‘welcoming’ mirror in an entrance hall.
  • Hang multiple mirrors on the same wall and group them in an eye-catching way.
  • The styles of mirrors and frames you choose should, like art, match the other pieces in your home.


  • Mirrors on ceilings went out with vinyl records. Also, don’t lean a mirror in such a way that it reflects a ceiling. If it has to lean, make sure it still reflects into the room.
  • Mirrors aren’t necessary in the kitchen, unless you don’t mind constant watermarks and greasy cooking splashes.
  • Some people like the idea of collaging little mirrors together but small mirror tiles, cracked mirrors or anything that distorts or breaks up an image, carries negative energy.
  • Try and limit the use of mirrors in the bedroom, especially ones that directly face you while you sleep (again, this is poor feng shui, as any mirror facing the bed is said to deplete your personal energy when you need to be rejuvenating your body). A mirror above the headboard, behind you, would be a better option.
  • Don’t place a mirror directly opposite your front door because it will reflect energy out the door instead of allowing it to flow through your home.