The August issue of SA Home Owner is packed with fabulous design ideas to inspire our readers to create luxurious homes. Here are a few – just to whet your appetite.

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Far from feeling restrictive, minimalist Scandi-inspired kitchens allow for unique expressions of creativity, says blu_line’s Richards. “The simple lines enable you to bring dramatic architectural levels in while maintaining a timeless, neutral aesthetic, while the use of natural textures develops a feeling of authentic luxury.”


Nicole Russell of Italtile: “For bathroom design, vintage could easily refer to an English cottage look with a cosy feel with a chic and sophisticated bathroom in a neutral colour palette.”


WOMAG’s Oren Sachs suggests three considerations before selecting tiles for your home: “Firstly, consider the space and the surface that you will be tiling. This will help guide your choices around material and finishes. A polished finish is great for indoor, while a matte finish can extend to covered patio areas. Next is aesthetics: what type of tile do you want in the space and what is the overall look you want to achieve? By taking this into consideration, selecting your tile will be easier. Lastly, consider the material: whether it is the luxurious look of natural stone or porcelain, choosing the right material is crucial when selecting flooring.”


The area in your house that lends itself most to a multifunctional space is the open-plan kitchen-dining room-lounge, where you eat, relax, read, let the kids loose on their toys, work on your laptop or watch TV. “Consider the classic living, dining and kitchen layout for a tried-and-true arrangement. Start with a linear approach, placing your anchor pieces (such as sofa, dining table and kitchen island) parallel and perpendicular to each other as you see fit. The effect creates a clean-lined and well-balanced look,” says Alon Sachs, co-founder of Mobelli Furniture + Living. “To help unify the spaces, keep materials and colourful details consistent,” he says.

Mobelli Furniture + Living

“The dressing room does not have to be boring with just rows of cupboards. It can be beautiful as well as functional. Lovely art, styling, lighting and the correct choice of joinery, colours and finishes will make the world of difference,” says Changing Spaces Interior Design owner Cheryl Herweg.

Changing Spaces Interior Design