Every once in a while an artist-maker introduces something fresh and new to the design industry. One such designer is Denny Mo, whose Lilliputian ecosystems fuse horticultural skill and design know-how to create living works of art.

What began as a hobby in 2013 has grown into a fully-fledged career for Denny. Born in Hong Kong, a mega-city filled with skyscrapers and little greenery, Denny’s fascination began at a young age. “Plants and fungi have always fascinated me,” says Denny. “It was through one of my home experiments that I discovered the art of terrariums, which was a flourishing pastime in the 18th century,” he adds.

Denny wanted to give terrariums a contemporary slant, and make them more sustainable and readily available to the public. And so, Angles & Earth was born.

After five years of studying 3D design, geometry, ecology and botany, Denny has conquered the tricky terrain of terrariums. “If any one of the elements in the terrarium is out of place, it won’t live. Therefore, it’s so important to get the ecosystem balance right,” he explains.

While terrariums are by no means new on the market, Denny’s geometric designs include unique features such as drip trays and air vents, which prevent the plant roots from rotting. Denny designs each terrarium in three-dimensional form, whereafter it’s hand-made in Khayalitsha, Cape Town, and planted by Denny himself.

Denny has recently opened a standalone concept store in the Cape Town CBD, which sells a range of terrariums, plant life, terrarium kits and a small homeware line.

Visit www.anglesandearth.co.za or pop in at the Angles + Earth concept store at 142 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town.

Denny Mo

Denny Mo