By Sungula Nkabinde

Nothing plays a bigger role in the personality of a room as well as the feelings that it can bring about more than its walls.

Sure, one can always alter the character of a space by adding furniture or artistic centrepieces, but the walls will remain the foundation that these additional features would have to complement. That said some home owners like to push the envelope where their walls are concerned and bring them to the fore in terms of decor.

One way of doing this is by having a feature wall – that is, where one wall is decorated/painted differently from the others in the same space. This makes the wall stand out more as a design element rather than just serving as a barrier between rooms. One can also decorate all the walls in a room by using a variety of wallcoverings – from natural grass cloths to paper and vinyls, either in patterns and plains. Even if you hang an assortment of mirrors or frames in different shapes and sizes, creating a feature wall will not only add a great dynamic to your home, but will allow your personality to shine through.

Images courtesy of Halogen International and Hertex Fabrics