Are you keen to turn your bedroom into the ultimate oasis of relaxation? By using dark-hued colours in the space, you’ll have a moody, cocoon-like room and the ultimate backdrop for a sophisticated design theme.

Select your colours

It may seem counterintuitive, but dark-coloured walls can make a space appear larger. The reason for this is because dark colours recede, tricking the eye into believing that the wall is further than it is. Black can work wonders in a space when paired with crisp white and a variety of textures. Dark grey is sophisticated, elegant and looks great in a room that features metallics and velvet. Navy is the ultimate neutral and is a good colour to complement wood furniture.

Changing Spaces

Focus on your headboard wall

Having a dark, contrasting wall colour as the headboard wall adds depth to the room and makes the headboard and anything else against that wall pop. Cheryl Herweg, CEO of Changing Spaces, says, “Don’t be afraid to go very dark – the darker the better as the contrast needs to be obvious. Dark colours in a bedroom also add warmth and ambience, which is very cosy in the evenings when your bedside lamps throw a soft light against the dark wall/s.”

Changing Spaces

Layer it up

According to Sandra Hijlkema, owner of Red Rabbit Interiors, “Dark bedrooms can create fabulously sexy, cosy and even dramatic spaces, but ensure you add elements of interest and layering to prevent the room from becoming visually monotonous. This can be done by introducing some lighter tones to balance the darker ones, through the use of bedding, window treatments, a rug or even metallics to reflect light in the space. The use of pattern and texture are also great ways to enhance the overall mood and drama.”

Red Rabbit Interiors

Create a restful space

If space is limited, Audi Snÿman, owner of Audi Snÿman Interior Design, will introduce minimal splashes of dark colour via scatter cushions, a rug, an occasional chair or a luxurious throw on the bed. “If you have volumes of space to work with, you could consider using vibrant or dramatic wallpaper and then reflecting some of the tones in the headboard, rugs, or using art. Remember that the bedroom is a place of rest, so whatever colours you do introduce into yours, you must find some rest and rehabilitation amid them.”

Audi Snÿman Interior Design