Whether it’s a braai with friends or a fine roast with family, it’s time to show off your beautiful home, and enjoy the space you’re so proud of…

A warm welcome

Welcome drinks are a must when hosting guests. Plan two drinks options – a refreshing cocktail and a jug of flavoured water or a non-alcoholic drink. Put this in your entrance hall, together with a gorgeous bunch of flowers to accentuate your front-door décor. Your guests will admire your entrance as they take their drink and settle in.

At the table

Whether you’re planning to have your guests seated in your dining area or out on the patio, make sure you know where exactly so there’s no last-minute panic. Set the table in advance… perhaps ask a younger family member to assist. While planning your dining zone, consider whether you’ll be placing the dishes on the table, or opting for buffet-style. Place a little welcome gift (could be a sweet surprise) for your guests to enjoy after the meal, while they linger for dessert.

Sweet ending

There’s no question of whether dessert is an option. Everyone looks forward to something deliciously indulgent. Prepare a tea and coffee station in your outdoor lounging area or at the firepit (if it’s later in the evening), where your guests can chill after dinner. Simply bring out the dessert and enjoy!

Tips from the experts:

Get ahead

The queen of luxury homeware, Jamie Paine of Le Creuset, advises that you get as much done as possible before your guests arrive. “Prep as much as you can beforehand so you have time to enjoy your party and spend time with your friends. That means serving food that’s great to eat at room temperature, making as much in advance as you can, and decanting pâtés, dips and spreads into bowls the day before,” she advises.

Le Creuset Mezze Platter

Drinks on wheels

Outdoor specialist, Alon Sachs of Mobelli Furniture + Living, has the perfect solution to making a mobile bar possible: “Using a drinks trolley with your Easter-themed cocktails is just what you need! A movable cart with essential placeholders for glasses, ice and a cocktail shaker makes entertaining guests a lot easier.”

Mobelli Drinks Trolley

Featured images: Mobelli Furniture + Living