The most economical form of heating is still fire. We’ve seen incredible advances in research and development in the heating product sector. With the development of closed combustion heating, modern built-in, freestanding and insert fireplaces give the user a far superior experience than previously known.

For the most eco-friendly result, consider the fuel economy and efficiency of your heating appliance. The most efficient form of closed combustion heating is pellet fireplaces. These heating systems provide the user with the most economical input for the highest output, with some units reaching over 90% efficiency while consuming less fuel than your standard open combustion fireplace.

Pellet fireplaces provide automated convenience to the user. These fireplaces are fully automated with a programmable weekly time schedule to switch it on and off at times suited to the user. The ash contents of pellet fireplaces only amount to about 1% of the consumed amount of pellets, making the cleaning process a breeze compared to traditional wood-fired appliances. The ash content is mineral-rich and can be used as pot ash in a garden.

Pellet fireplaces are the only real green alternative heating solution in South Africa. When biomass from wood waste or sustainably managed forests are combusted to create energy, the process actually generates no increased greenhouse gas emissions, a circumstance described as carbon neutrality.

Here are the top benefits of pellet fireplaces:

1. Fully automated
2. Save on running costs
3. Convenient to use
4. Easy to clean
5. Less than 1% ash produced
6. Accurate temperature control
7. Economical consumption
8. Highly efficient
9. Easy-to-handle 15kg pellet bags