By Tamsin Oxford

In old television shows, space may well be the final frontier. But for the stylish modern home owner it’s a statement, an aesthetic and free-flowing energy that transforms the home. Every corner and cranny of the home doesn’t need to be filled up with decor and appliances, no matter how gorgeous or functional.

“Think of free space as meditation for the home; a space where clutter ceases to exist and energy can flow freely,” suggests Louise Bradbury, Cait’s Room Interiors. “It leads to a harmonious and inspirational living space.”

The beauty of empty space is that it highlights the concept of “positive space” which enhances the beauty of much-loved furniture and decor pieces. An exquisite sculpture or bespoke chair in a crowded space with other items will immediately lose all impact. However, by placing this item alone into a single space almost places it under a visual spotlight, catching the eye and transforming the flow of the room.

“When you walk into a space that’s overfull or disorganised you instantly feel tense and uneasy,” says Bryony Parr, Oh So Organised. “An empty space always looks neater and creates a sense of calm.”

Empty space is an aesthetic with global roots, a Scandinavian-inspired style that is uncomplicated and simple, enhanced by natural calm colours and textures that make the space feel complete. It can also convey the purpose of the room and needs to be carefully designed to ensure it ties in with the area and the intent.

“Pick the mood of the room and the items you want to accentuate it with and remove anything that doesn’t complement the space,” adds Parr.

Space can serve as a pause area in a corridor, or a change of direction in the circulation of a room. It is important to define space with some hierarchy with a line of sight into some larger space, either indoors or outdoors.

“Abundant space can be seen as the ultimate manifestation of luxury,” concludes Ludwich Ackermann, Ludwich Ackermann Design. “It can be used to underpin a particular colour scheme, emphasise a specific lighting aesthetic or even act as a palate cleanser as one moves from one space into another.”

There should be nothing subtle about defining the empty space in your home. If it is just the result of other issues or furniture placements, then it won’t be seen as a clear design decision. Instead, ensure it is done with intent with the goal of creating a positive space that is deliberate, striking and to be appreciated.