By Caroline Dott, Project Consultant Debbie Grey, Property Coordinator Wadoeda Brenner, Photography Keith Quixley

Owning a home in a foreign country is an exhilarating prospect for most people, and a thrilling reality for this travelled couple. Situated in one of Cape Town’s most luxurious suburbs, this home was built to capitalise on the plot’s 360-degree views of iconic Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and the ocean.

Important in the home owner’s design brief was the use of clean lines, open living spaces and a lot of light, as well as the incorporation of their love for gardens. The goal was that the end result would successfully unite indoor and outdoor living, in an inviting setting that allowed for flow between various spaces.

The interior of the home has an understated and sophisticated style, complemented by unique contemporary finishes. The decor is described by the home owners as a fusion of their varied interests and tastes. There are Western, Asian and African-inspired design elements throughout the home, captured in decorative pieces or beautifully framed artwork.

Open spaces give the home an elegant flow, and each part of the house bathes in natural light. The owners are the only two permanent occupants of the home, although spatial and design provisions were made in order to accommodate frequent visits from family and friends. Three en-suite guest bedrooms were included in the design, on a separate floor from the master suite, allowing the home owners and their guests privacy when required. The home’s modern kitchen, is a trendy tribute to food and family. The home also boasts a comprehensive library room, a music room and an integrated wine cellar – perfect elements for a rounded, leisurely lifestyle.

Epitomising this life of leisure is the home’s rooftop entertainment area, from which gorgeous sunsets over the ocean and mountains are enjoyed in the company of loved ones.