Are you looking to decorate your little one’s bedroom? Here are a decorating tips from Ingrid Loud, owner of Scarlett Fine Fabrics, as well as a list of our favourite kids fabric, decor and furniture suppliers.

1. Stick to good quality un-themed furniture that grows with your child.

2. Keep your window treatments simple and use fabrics that won’t date. Plains and/or stripes, dots or chevrons (very on trend) – these fabrics can be combined with other more detailed items at a later stage. For your child’s room use block out lining on the window treatments as this increases the lifespan of your curtains.

3. It’s fun to paint an accent feature wall in a different colour to the rest of the room ­– choose a colour that complements the chosen colour scheme.

4. Use accent wallpaper on a feature wall.

5. Creating a fun decor element such as fabric-covered pinboards are perfect for calendars, photos and timetables.

6. Good storage is vital – buy a drawer storage unit, which is easily accessible, and has deep drawers for larger items and can also double up as a bench.

7. If possible, buy a bed with a pullout underbed (perfect for overnight visitors) or pullout storage drawers, which is great for extra storage.

8. Other fun decor elements, such as mosquito nets are perfect for a little girl’s room, as they are both functional and pretty. Fabric mobiles also had personality to a kid’s space. 

  • Clever Little Monkey

    Clever Little Monkey is a South African children’s online furniture store. Their extensive offering includes gorgeous bedding, in a variety of unique styles, a great selection of designer toys, fashionable clothing and lots more.

  • Lucky Number 27

    Lucky Number 27 is the passion project of Donna Mathews. The company creates children’s furniture, designs kid-friendly spaces and imports a range of decor products, including gorgeous eco-friendly wall decals, bamboo dinnerware and techno decals by Australian brand, Love Mae. Lucky Fish and Lucky Bunny, their clothing and decor range, is scheduled to launch in a few months.

  • Scarlett Fine Fabrics

    Scarlett Fine’s Kramerville showroom showcases room settings, bespoke linen and a variety of local and imported fabrics. Scarlett Fine is also the sole distributor in South Africa for Michael Miller Fabrics.

  • Egg Designs

    Egg Designs’ children’s furniture line is well made, child friendly, toxin-free and sturdy enough to not only withstand the daily use of a toddler, but also are practical pieces. The Fluffy Donkey range is made from laminated plywood and water-based toxin free paints and glue. The main frames of the units are left in its natural colour and varnished with toxin-free water based varnish, with the struts, legs and other components painted in bright playful colours, in toxin-free, water-based paints.

  • Bunny & Clyde

    Bunny & Clyde combine the warmth of wood with beautiful design that will suit any interior. They extend the use of their furniture by creating designs that easily convert into versatile items beyond the nursery.