Now that most of the country is in the throes of winter, we’re probably thinking about – or dreaming of – having a fireplace at home. Ruan Basson, Head of Marketing & Media Relations at Calore, shares his insights into creating an ideal heating solution.

Piazzetta E905 – By Calore

Which rooms of the home are fireplaces allowed or advised to be in?

Generally one would place a fireplace in your central living space to distribute heat as economically as possible. However fireplaces can be installed in smaller rooms like bedrooms and studies, as long as proper specification and installation principles are followed for the best possible result.

What types of fireplaces work best in these rooms?

The chosen fireplace is dependent on the home owner’s heating requirements and lifestyle. It is always best to trust a qualified consultant for advice in order not to over, or under specify the final installed product.

Piazzetta Panoramic Range M180R, Goteborg Surround, with automated rise and fall glass – By Calore

Do you have any tips or advice to homeowners looking to make their fireplace the main focal point of the room?

Apart from its functional attributes a fireplace can make a serious statement in any room. Choose something that would complement your taste, personality and design style. For a cohesive look be conscious about room scale, surrounding furniture and other design elements in your room that may influence your choice. Be bold and select a conversation piece.

3 safety guidelines when it comes to having fireplaces in the home?

1. Ensure your fireplace conforms to European installation principles.
2. Ensure your fireplace installation adheres to the minimum safety distances.
3. Be sure to service your fireplace(s) annually for safety and maximum efficiency.

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How, in your opinion, have fireplace designs evolved over the time? And what is currently trendy when it comes to design?

Heating technology is constantly evolving and improving over time. The world is moving away from inefficient open combustion fireplaces and converting to the use of closed combustion heating systems.

The tendency also leans towards efficiency and ease of use. Home owners are constantly looking for ways to improve their home’s value and lower their monthly costs. The solution to this is pellet heating technology which ticks all the boxes.

Which types of fireplaces do you specialise in and have on offer:

Calore Sustainable Energy stocks and retails closed combustion wood, pellet and gas burning fireplaces available in freestanding, built-in and insert options. Our selection ranges from cast-iron and steel to hand made Majolica surrounds available in multiple colours and finishes. We specialize in pellet heating technology, arguably the most efficient heating system on the South African market. These fully automated pellet fireplaces achieve the lowest running costs compared to similar gas and electrical heating appliances whilst reaching efficiencies of over 90%. Some of the benefits of owning a pellet fireplace include the ease of use, pre-set on-off times, temperature control and the use of remote control to name a few.


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