By Jo Borrill, Project Consultant Debbie Grey, Property Coordinator Wadoeda Brenner, Photographer Keith Quixley

The aim of this purchase was first and foremost to relax and get away from it all. A renovation that took five months to complete, this home was gutted and completely refurbished. One of the key aspects was to close off the patio, ensuring an extension of the living area. The owners had a vision in mind. “They wanted a home away from home. A place to spend their holidays and unwind,” says the decorator. “This home is very similar to their home in Johannesburg, but more relaxed.”

An earthy, natural palette with five bedrooms, it is the perfect place to be on holiday and feel rejuvenated. Pops of colour in shades of yellow and blue give the home a fresh and lively feel. “Every room has its own identity but follows through well,” explains the decorator. The family love the French-inspired look, so subtle touches of Provencal influence can be seen throughout the home. There is also an office with a separate entrance, which enables the owners to catch up on work away from the activities of holidaying children.

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