When designing your kitchen, it’s vital to consider the lighting aspect as this can dramatically alter the mood, feel and functionality of the space. We offer ideas and tips to light up your kitchen.


Consider this

Abigail Nortje, marketing assistant at Illumina, believes that an admirably illuminated kitchen sets the mood of the home. When making a choice in lighting, different elements need be considered such as functionality, efficiency, style, design and of course cost. All these elements combined with your specific needs will create the right atmosphere for you.

Distribute light

One of the biggest mistakes with kitchen lighting is to introduce a soft central light that dimly lights the entire space as this will cast your own shadow onto the counter wherever you are working. Avoid this by introducing downlights or spotlights positioned directly above the countertops shining downwards as well as under-counter strip lights or in-cupboard lighting that is switched separately from the main light source.

The three levels

According to Kelly Klopper, junior brand manager at Eurolux, there are three types of lighting that are integral to any kitchen: task lighting provides concentrated and direct lighting for tasks like cooking and washing up; accent lighting is great for bringing attention to a unique feature in your kitchen such as a prized piece of artwork on the wall or to accentuate pretty marble detailing in your countertops; and ambient lighting, which illuminates the entire room and can sometimes be controlled with a dimmer switch.


One or the other

Decide upfront whether you want cool or warm lights and avoid mixing them with different sources as this will look disjointed. LED lights are available in a range of cool and warm with varying colour temperatures to choose from.

Ceiling options

Your ceiling type will determine what type of lighting you use. A flush plasterboard ceiling or bulkhead details will allow you to install recessed downlighters or strips whereas with a solid slab ceiling or exposed truss you will need to look at track lighting or pendant lights.

All about the ambience

Debbie Beath, sales and lighting consultant at Ambiente Luce, says ambient lighting is important and should not to be overlooked. A product like their Butcher’s Rack will help to create a warm welcoming feel. It’s both eye-catching and functional.

Ambiente Luce