Natural materials with innovative applications and textured upholstery are just a few of the dining furniture trends to look forward to this holiday season.

“Mixing materials is a huge trend at the moment and combinations of wood, concrete and metal merge beautifully together to create dining tables that are bound to instantly capture the attention of anyone in your home. Reclaimed wooden furniture is also popular with worn layers, rich tones and a rustic texture that add character to your home in an instant. The distinct aged look and unique appeal is impossible to recreate from a newly cut piece of wood and the benefits of using reclaimed wood are not only aesthetic, but sustainable.” – Sue McCoubrey, Block & Chisel

Block & Chisel

“Marble tops have been a hot trend for a couple of years and this will continue for years to come. The Italians have taken it to a new level by fusing glass and a marble-look ceramic to create a thinner yet stronger dining table top with more colour options. Textured glass, an Italian skill by master glass blowers, offers an alternative look that allows light to shine through in an interesting way. The legs of dining tables are becoming more sculptural each year, allowing tables to become a masterpiece on their own.” – Darren Postan, Casarredo


“It’s all about colour and texture. Coral and royal blues, pale creams, olive greens and ruby rust are just a few exciting new colour palettes. These have been applied to our classic pieces to give them a cheeky but sophisticated update. We have also applied a new patchwork material with saddle stitching to take a break from the normal, straightforward upholstery weight fabrics.” – Roy Griffiths, DL Furniture

DL Furniture

“We’re seeing a beautiful mix of materials in dining tables that includes glass, brass, timber and metal, for example. Our take on the current trends encompasses quite a spectrum of styles varying from absolutely glamorous to a more natural style that may incorporate industrial and rustic looks.” – Karin Cawthorne, KARE


“Wood and wood-look-style dining tables with angular shapes (and even scalloped edges) are still the big newsmakers thanks to this style tying into the natural material-look trend. Velvet upholstered chairs are still very much in vogue. They look gorgeous, plus they offer style and comfort – the key elements that make for an enjoyable dining experience!” – Alon Sachs, Mobelli Furniture + Living

Mobelli Furniture + Living

“Natural materials, ethnic elements and organic colourways are so trendy right now, allowing you to experiment with form to give your dining space a modern update. Blush and coral are the in colours of the season – we suggest adding pops of pink to lighter finished dining chairs to add a relaxing effect to your dining space.” – SHF


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