Text Lungile Nkosi, Images Pantone

As space-age as Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year may sound, your first thoughts upon seeing ultra violet may be “aubergine”, “lavender” and “fig”. Beautiful in nature, but slightly overwhelming in our homes. Or is it? This year, be daring and brighten up any space with different shades of ultra violet – be it via an accent wall, statement furniture or decor accessories.

Here are a few ways you can stay on trend by introducing Pantone’s ultra violet into your home.

Purple rain

Colour can be a huge commitment, whether it be changing the hue of your hair or your wall – so no need to dive all in. Define the spaces in your home by using the Pantone ultra violet found in Plascon Paint, Sunset Mauve P3-B1-1. Ultra violet is on the warmer end of the colour spectrum, which will cause your room to advance, making it appear smaller than it really is. That is why it’s advisable to use the colour on a feature wall as a point of interest or in a larger room.

The colour is stunning as a main colour in a lounge or bathroom when broken with a cooler neutral colour. This is the easiest, most effective way to switch up your home without making any structural changes.

Lulu Mutsikira, creative director of Nama Saya, advises that we use the colour in our living spaces. “Colour plays a huge role in creating personality in a space. When considering applying this specific colour, ask yourself what feeling you want your room to have and what other elements will be going in the space to help create and strengthen that feeling. While the colour may feel too bright for some, it’s a great colour for living spaces – the uniqueness of the colour reflects an unconventional, artistic view of the specific space.”

A is for accessories

Pantone introduces a new colour every year, and changing your wall colour annually may be too daunting. So try to accessorise with the colour. Re-upholster an old occasional chair or scatter cushions with a fabric in the colour, like the elegant poly velvet upholster fabric in Touch Berry by Hertex. Vases make for great accessories in this hue, like the Dutz vases from La Grange.

Tile crush

Mosaic tiles for your backsplash in your bathroom add a luxurious touch to your interiors. Getting mosaic glass tiles in the ultra violet tone like the Piccolo City Deep Purple Gloss Mosaic Tile from Italtile will add style and luxury to your interior. Mosaic tiles are timeless and a great decorative feature to any home. The perfect little touch in a subtle but stunning way.

Tips from an expert

Mpho Vackier, interior designer and creative director of The Urbanative:

• In which part of the home does ultra violet work best?

Personally I would use ultra violet as an accent – so in pops of upholstered furniture, or accessories. You can use it in cozy living spaces and bedrooms as well.

• What colours complement this hue?

White is always great, and if you want a bolder result maybe orange and red.

• For people who are too afraid to use colour in their homes, what advice would you give?

Start small – an accessory or artwork.