Six fun ways to decorate with big, bold prints and funky patterns.

Let prints do the talking

“Let the print speak for itself. If you are choosing to go bold with colour, then allow the rest of the colour palette to be more understated.” – Cara Saven, owner of Cara Saven Wall Design

Cara Saven. Photographer: Andrew Morgan

Layer pattern on pattern

“Don’t be afraid to play with pattern on pattern. Often a bold wallpaper can look incredible when layered with bold fabrics. But make sure the scale of designs are different. For instance, if you have a large-scale wallpaper, play with smaller patterns and prints on your furnishings.” – Cara Saven, owner of Cara Saven Wall Design

Cara Saven. Photographer: Andrew Morgan

Focus bold print

“My top tips include steering away from using bold prints and patterns on large pieces of furniture. and rather introducing them via accent pieces or accessories, such as scatter cushions, wall art, rugs, or an occasional chair. Bold prints and patterns can be used to complement a large, brightly coloured statement piece of furniture, as well as introduce a central tone or theme into a room, for example via custom-designed wallpaper on one side of the room.” – Audi Snÿman, owner of Audi Snÿman Interior Design

Audi Snÿman Interior Design

Mix and match patterns and designs

“The use of pattern can enhance a bold and moody space. Don’t be scared to mix and match different patterns and designs to create visual interest and layering. Some can be used to amalgamate the existing primary colour, while others can introduce contrast and variation.” – Sandra Hijlkema, owner of Red Rabbit Interiors

Red Rabbit Interiors

Have a plan of action

“Incorporating prints can seem intimidating, but by followings these simple tricks of the trade, you will be coordinating and complementing patterns like a pro. Firstly, establish what look you want to create, for example florals give a room a romantic feminine aura while damasks are more traditional and formal. I always like neutrals to become my base and then layer patterns from there. Vary the scale of your patterned fabrics. For example, use a large pattern combined with a small print or stripe. Use colours that have the same hue and intensity. Do not mix pastel-coloured patterns with jewel-toned patterns. And lastly, distribute patterns evenly within the room to create balance.” – Nicola Bridge, St Leger & Viney marketing coordinator and showroom manager

St Leger & Viney

Stick to a colourway

“When working with bold prints and patterns, be sure to make your bold print the star of the show. You don’t want too many elements demanding attention to be the focal point. Another must when working with bold prints and patterns is to incorporate the colourways found in the bold print into other elements of the room. This ensures that the whole scheme is pulled together and flows harmoniously throughout the space.” – Bianca Harvey, HDF Group managing director

HDF Group