When it comes to a great night’s sleep, comfort and luxury bedding go hand in hand. The key is to invest in the very best quality you can afford – even if it takes you a couple of months to build that beautiful nest that you can’t wait to curl up into every evening.

Tips for making a dream bed…

• Keep it natural. Natural products and fabrics are breathable and help control your body’s temperature for true comfort. Start with a good-quality mattress protector that’s 100% natural (there are few of these around, so read the packaging).
• A good mattress is the foundation for great rest, so don’t compromise here.
• Add good quality pillows and a duvet inner. Many people blame their sheets for making them hot but often it is the duvet inner. Synthetic duvets are inexpensive but unfortunately do not moderate your body temperature and do not offer sleeping comfort.
• When purchasing a feather duvet, check what percentage the feather/down mix is, as the higher the down percentage the lighter and more comfortable the inner will be. Pure down duvets are an excellent investment and a quality product will be as good as new for many years.
• When it comes to covers, 100% cotton or linen is the only choice. What’s more, thread counts in cotton are not the only criteria for comfort and quality; the cotton used to weave the thread count is most important.
• Egyptian cotton is a specific cotton plant that produces a strong silky thread, but not all Egyptian cotton products are created equal. Make sure the product is 100% Egyptian cotton and not blended with inferior cottons.
• Choose colours that you can build on. A neutral base offers you the option of changing pillowcases and scatters for a new look.
• 1000 thread count is the highest thread count on the market at present, offering a superb, silky-soft touch.
• Polish goose-down is the lightest, puffiest down; your bed will look and feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.
• For the ultimate dream bed, think pure-white cotton, 1000-thread count sateen weave linen, with a pure Polish goose-down duvet and down and feather pillows, on the biggest bed imaginable, complete with a featherbed mattress topper… pure heaven!

Must-love bedding ranges…

Falucca Fine Linen – Turn your bedroom into sensual sanctuary with Falucca Fine Linen, which comprises the Timeless collection (featuring 550 thread count in classic white Egyptian cotton), the Signature collection (crafted from luxurious 800 thread count Egyptian cotton fabric) and the Yin Yang range (which combines the luxury of pure linen with 800 thread count Egyptian cotton). www.faluccalinen.co.za

Charcoal Satin Stitch Pillowcase

Granny Goose – For a selection of duvets, pillows, linen, cushions, feather beds and more, Granny Goose’s one mission is to make sure you wake up every morning feeling well rested and go to bed each night knowing you’ll sleep like a baby. www.grannygoose.com

Satin-Stitch Duvet Cover Set

Cocoon Bedding – Wrap yourself in Cocoon Bedding’s superior-quality, handcrafted products comprising of 100% mulberry silk. It’s all about indulging yourself naturally, with products that contain zero chemicals or dyes and all-natural fibres. www.cocoonbedding.com

Silk Bed Linen

The Hall Collection – From bespoke mattresses and beds made by Swiss Craftsmen, to the finest Egyptian linens, blankets and quilts woven in Italy, The Hall Collection is all about creating perfectly-tailored bedding. www.thehallcollection.co.za

Aria Linen Collection

Lovely Linen – For custom-made, luxurious bed linen created to your own specifications, look no further than Lovely Linen. They also stock a wide range of rugs and runners, as well as bathroom essentials. www.lovelylinen.co.za

100% Pure Linen

Linen Drawer – From their own range of branded bed linen and cotton throws, to duvets, pure-silk cushions and more, Linen Drawer offers exceptional quality and value for money. Wherever possible, they also make use of natural fabrics like cottons and silk, which are not only a healthier choice, but typically feel so much more luxurious than synthetic equivalents. www.linendrawer.co.za

Paradigm Designer Range

With special thanks to Chérie Watson from Falucca Linen and Mariel Green from Granny Goose for their tips and expertise.