South Africans can now ward off the winter chill with the premium, Italian range of Piazzetta heating systems, following the launch of Calore Fireplaces and Stoves at the Italcotto Centre in Cape Town and Deco Park in Johannesburg, from June.

Calore is the exclusive distributor in South Africa of Piazzetta, a contemporary range of designer fireboxes, eco-friendly pellet stoves, freestanding woodstoves, and a ‘Multifire’ home heating system.

Built with a keen eye for aesthetic and eco-friendly design elements, the Piazetta energy-efficient units offer a modern approach to heating living spaces.

Calore Marketing Director Paolo Carlone, says he is excited to introduce the stylish Italian heating systems to the South African market, “These are beautiful appliances, unlike anything South Africa has seen – the quality of the classic design and workmanship will enhance any living space.”

Carbon neutral pellet stoves

Calore caters for the green consumer with an innovative range of biomass pellet stoves.  These are particularly popular in the eco-conscious European market as an alternative to traditional fossil fuels, and Carlone believes manufacturers have a responsibility to change consumer behaviour by offering greener energy alternatives, “South Africa is the 13th highest carbon producer worldwide – Calore’s elegant and innovative range of pellet stoves, contributes to the new green economy of conscious consumerism.”

Contemporary wood stoves

A variety of stylish, traditional freestanding wood stoves adds a hint of classic nostalgia to the Calore range of combustion systems. Elegantly designed to compliment any living area, Calore’s freestanding stoves promise excellent heating capacity and efficiency. The Simona stove in this range offers a truly unique combination of heating, cooking and artistic design to suit both living and cooking areas.

Designer fireboxes

Also available from Calore this season, is a wide range of elegant fireboxes designed to blend perfectly into modern and minimalistic environments. Combining the typical generous size of the traditional fireplace with an elegant structure, these fireboxes also offer the possibility of cooking tasty meals over glowing embers with the use of the optional cooking pro kit. The units may also be fitted with Piazzetta patented multifire system, allowing for even distribution of heat throughout the room and adjacent rooms.

Multifire heating throughout the home

Piazzetta’s patented Multifire system cleverly draws hot air from the ceiling and redistributes it at a preset temperature via a fan at floor-level to predetermined rooms in the house. The Multifire method is fully automatic, efficiently warming areas up to ten metres away from the heat source and proving inexpensive to run both privately and commercially.