By Lisa Witepski, Project Consultant Catherine de Vincenzo, Property Coordinator Judy Fogarty, Photographer Chris Baker

Walking into this home, you’ll have the same sensation of sanctuary that you experience on entering a five-star hotel.

This is deliberate, explains the home owner. With two teenage daughters, she is very aware that their time as a nuclear family is running out. The best way to make the most of the remaining years together is by creating happy memories – and for this family, that means emulating the special moments they have shared while holidaying overseas.

“We travel a lot, and we always stay in one room when we do, which adds to the fun and our feeling of closeness. I wanted our home to be reminiscent of these times,” she says.

This spirit of family and connectedness is fostered through the open-plan design of the home. The owner explains that, wherever she is in the house, she is able to see her family – and, thanks to the double-volume ceilings, they can even hear each other when they’re in their rooms. “That’s why we opted not to have intercoms installed in the rooms. The rest of the house is fully automated,” she says.

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