When it comes to finer detail, no one really does it better than the Italians. The glorious apartment you see here is based in Milan and was designed by architecture firm, Quincoces Drago & Partners.

What immediately appeals, other than the romance of the architecture itself, is the softness of this brand new interior. There is no clinical air, even though the look is fairly minimal. The kitchen is a combination of marble and what appears to be brushed steel, such an appealing mix of textures that complement one another perfectly. The tonal qualities that run throughout also capture my attention.

Such a clever colour palette has been utilised to blend both hard and soft finishes, for example, the cappuccino-toned parquet flooring alongside the tan leather chairs. The elegance of each space shows the amount of thought and precision that has gone into creating this flawless interior.

I particularly love the shadow gap detail that surrounds around the cabinetry, highlighted further by edging the doors in black. The scissor shelving makes for a great visual as well as a functional object to display your treasured items. An apartment which borders on perfection, based in the heart of Milan, with an astounding view of the city. This is fast becoming the apartment of my dreams!

Best wishes,

Jess from Hector and Bailey

Images via Quincocesdrago.com