By Karien Slabbert, Project Consultant Lorna Ioakim, Property Coordinator Gina Waldman-Balkind, Photography Nic Baleta

It’s not often than one finds a home that seamlessly merges clean lines and comfort. Architecturally, the faceted design and modular appearance of this double-storey home in a golf estate reflect the owners’ love of understated style. Pairing sleek simplicity with classic appeal, it straddles the divide between architectural interest and a family-focused lifestyle.

Unsurprisingly, the refreshed version of their home is filled with light-drenched spaces and a seamless integration between home and garden. The close-knit family of four loves spending quality time together outdoors. “We cycle together in the estate, and the boys also love playing ball games on the golf course,” says the owner.

When the couple decided to give their Tuscan-style home a radical reboot, they had a contemporary, streamlined design in mind. “The wood and cladding give the house a unique character, and the exterior paint colours blend well with this aesthetic. We also replaced the old balustrades with stainless steel, to add to the modern look,” he explains.

Once the architectural and aesthetic foundations were laid, it was time to tackle the interiors. Their design choices were informed by a focus on integrative living. “We wanted open-plan living areas with minimal changes to the existing structure. Also, it was important to take full advantage of the beautiful views on our doorstep.”

As they wanted a home that merged inside and outside living, number one on their wishlist was stacking doors. “The existing sliding doors were replaced with stacking doors to create a seamless look, with views of the decked swimming pool and the natural environment beyond,” notes the owner.

When all of the stacking doors are open, the decked swimming pool and open-plan living area feel like one large patio area. “We are more outdoor-type people than entertainers. The house gives us the opportunity to be part of nature and not be confined between four walls.” A close second on their list was a visually striking, integrated kitchen that would form the social hub of the home. The open-plan kitchen is any cook’s dream and is filled with a bevy of mod-cons. “We wanted the kitchen to be the most beautiful part of the house, as it is the first space you see when entering the house.”

Thanks to the couple’s vision and design-savvy approach, the contemporary home is characterised by minimalist, chic interiors. Seamless, lofty proportions reminiscent of mid-century modern architecture are ever-present, yet each space is warm and welcoming. Earthy finishes, sparse statement furniture and dramatic hues give the home an eclectic feel.

Authentic, artful, tactile and modern. What more could one ask for?