For years now, Nature has been making her way into our homes – first in subtle ways through simple additions such as hanging or corner plants, herb pots, beautiful natural wooden furniture, animal hide chairs, and so forth. But as designers become more bold and creative, we are seeing Nature intertwine with modern design in breathtaking ways.

Wall murals, flooring, furniture and accessories are all being touched by the magic of Nature, and we are benefiting from the sensory and emotional connection with Nature in the safety of our homes.

Wallpaper and decals transform our living rooms into forests; allow the illusion of sleeping in the branches of the jungle; or whisk us away to a luxurious bath in the mystical mountains. Bathrooms are also enjoying the influence of biomimicry, like the bathroom inspired by the Northern Lights. This bathroom collection is titled “Aurora” – a collection of backlit furniture imitating this natural phenomenon. It is embodied in smooth, organic shapes and exquisite lighting.

Lighting itself is taking inspiration from Nature, from sea anemone lamps to beautiful floral pendants. And florals are exploding on the furniture scene too, from leaf-inspired hammocks which are both practical and offer a wonderful garden aesthetic; to driftwood tables, designer branch-back chairs and vine-inspired bookshelves. Nature is also being incorporated in stainless steel, bringing the natural and industrial design themes together.

Bedrooms are supposed to be places of rest and sanctuary, and incorporating elements of Nature into the bedroom multiplies that effect. A tree stencil takes a modern stance on camping in comfort in the forest. And some of the best playgrounds for Nature inspiration are children’s bedrooms. From Nature-turned-animation wallpapers to fun furniture pieces, your kids can play outdoors even when they are inside!

It is easy to incorporate nature into your home – take a walk in the garden and see what inspires you, then find ways to incorporate those elements indoors.

Images: Weylandts