The mood of a home can be changed with the flick of a switch – literally. That’s why lighting design is a critical consideration for any home. Here’s what’s new and what’s hot.

• Indirect lighting is a great way to create interest in a specific area. Mark Greenhill of Philips Lighting South Africa notes that under-counter and under-cabinet lighting is very popular at the moment.

Philips Lighting

• Lighting is getting smarter. Convenience is an increasingly highly valued part of our lifestyles, and lighting manufacturers are keeping pace: one of the most exciting innovations at present, according to Spazio Lighting’s Moynene Bredenkamp, are fittings connected to control panels or mobile devices via Wi-Fi. This means you can control the beam angle, colour temperature, dimness and direction of your luminaire, all from your cellphone. “Manufacturers are also starting to install integrated chips or replaceable modules with dual or multi-colour chips that make it possible to adjust the colour temperature of your luminaire,” Bredenkamp says. This is exciting news for homeowners wishing to experiment with the ambience in their houses: choosing a warm white light will add instant cosiness to a room, while cool white makes things feel a bit more clinical. In the past, you’d have to change a lightbulb if you wanted to adjust the mood – now, it can happen with minimal effort.

Spazio Lighting

• There’s a material revolution. Metals, concrete and organic textures are on trend this season. By choosing different fittings, you can update your home, says Kelly Kloppers of Eurolux. For instance, use table lamps with concrete bases to introduce this material to a room; alternatively, try pendant lighting with exposed bulbs for an industrial look. Timber pendant lights, meanwhile, can bring an element of warmth to a home, along with the nature-inspired textures that add instant tactile appeal.