Incorporating open shelves and modernising your countertops are just two ways to update the look of your kitchen. Discover a variety of sleek and stylish kitchen design ideas.

Customise for a personal result

“The beauty of renovating using a microcement/microconcrete is that it is so customisable. Not only can you choose from a selection of colours (other than grey), but you can choose the actual final finish as well. From very smooth and glossy, to rough and rugged for a more natural raw style.” – Joanne Sykes, marketing director of Cemcrete


Create uniformity

“Microcement can be applied to pretty much any surface, even the cupboard doors. But generally, think floors, open shelves, counters and even the ceiling. And of course you can go over tiles too with the correct preparation. Using microcement you can truly transform your entire kitchen to one finish to create sleek uniformity throughout.” – Joanne Sykes, marketing director of Cemcrete


Incorporate open shelving

“Incorporating open shelving into your kitchen design is the simplest way of adding your personal identity into the space. Open shelves provide the perfect opportunity to display your everyday items together with your special pieces, giving the space character. Always remember to vary the heights of the pieces and add texture to create the illusion of depth.” – Johanna vd Merwe, interior design lead at The Sourcing Lab

Cloudburst Concrete Caesarstone

Update your countertops

“Updating your kitchen could be as simple as updating your tops. When you do, make sure to select a surface that is not just beautiful but practical and hardwearing too. We always recommend going with a brand like Caesarstone that offers a lifetime guarantee. Your tops are a big-ticket item so treat the decision like a lifetime commitment.” – Johanna vd Merwe, interior design lead at The Sourcing Lab

Visuals by Lizette – Cloudburst Concrete Caesarstone

It’s in the details

“A sleek and stylish space is all about the refined details. These details are usually found in how you accessorise your space. For instance, by incorporating a straight-look handle or going for a handleless, tic-tac system, you will begin to see your space transform. In addition to your new handles, changing your materials and colours of these items is just as important. A stone sink or a black tap can work magic – throw in some feature lighting and you’re all set!” – Atlanta Lombard, designer and project manager at Fabri


Flat door profiles

“Another simple way to achieve a sleek look is by choosing the flat door profile as opposed to a detailed profile. This allows for a minimalist and clean look that could be completed with feature finishes, such as smoked glass or tinted mirror, cleverly placed in designated areas. In addition, these sleek doors can also be used together with a pocket door system to hide parts of your kitchen where clutter usually accumulates, allowing for a simplified and modernised space.” – Atlanta Lombard, designer and project manager at Fabri


Go for earthy tones 

“By choosing complementary colours that work together you ensure that your kitchen remains sleek and trendy, whereas the use of contrasting colours can be somewhat outdated. Earth tones make the space feel light and airy but also add depth to the room.”

“Using wood on wood in your kitchen can look a bit too rustic, but if you combine it with sleek lines and glass-fronted cabinets with concealed lighting you will create an elegant and stylish feel.” – Selma Zaifoglu, architect and director of Linear Concepts

SA Home Owner photo library – Kitchen by Linear Concepts

Quality and aesthetics

“An ongoing dilemma is finding a balance between aesthetics and function. Finding synergy between the two is not always easy, however kitchen appliance brands are now designing products with a focus on aesthetics. You can now choose countertop appliances that not only fit in with your kitchen’s overall design but are also made from top quality materials that will last for years to come.” – Ramielle de Jager, co-founder of Wolkberg Casting Studios

Wolkberg Casting Studios

Choose features with character

“At Wolkberg, our signature aesthetic is our Limesite Dimensions surface which has an organic look and feel to it. The surface provides a seamless grain which is not always possible as with natural stone. We also love to see clients opt for brass or copper transition strips instead of seamless joins. This interrupts the flow between two surface textures and at the same time creates special moments in your space. Both these materials are timeless and age beautifully, adding character to a space.” – Ramielle de Jager, co-founder of Wolkberg Casting Studios

Wolkberg Casting Studios