One of the most enjoyable aspects of having a little one is kitting out his/her nursery with the essential – and not so essential – items you’ll need to look after them. This special space will, in fact, quickly become the heart of the home, so it is important that it meets yours’ and baby’s needs.

In terms of furniture must-haves you’ll need the following:

1. Compactum or changing table

Babies need a huge amount of storage space for their tiny sizes – nappies, towels, wipes and much more, so it is helpful to use drawers that can double-up as a changing table.

2. Cot or crib (with a cot mattress, sheets and blankets)

If you’re on a budget you may even want to go for a camper cot that you can take along with you when visiting friends and family. You may even choose a cot that can be converted into a toddler’s bed. Protect your baby from anything falling on him by ensuring that there are no shelves above the cot.

3. Comfy chair or rocker

Considering the amount of time that you’ll spend feeding your little one, a comfy chair is one of the most essential items in a baby’s nursery. Keep a lamp with low-voltage globes on a side table next to the chair.


Lighting –  use soft, indirect and dimmable lights and avoid down-lights unless the fittings can be angled away from pointing straight down. A floor-standing and bedside lamp will create a soft mood in the room, and night lights and fairy lights will add a magical feel to the nursery.

Flooring – babies spend alot of time crawling on the floor and you’ll want to keep their room warm throughout the year, so go for carpeted floors or wooden floors with a large rug.

Now for the fun stuff…

Choose a colour scheme and/or theme – will your baby’s room be gender specific and adorned with all things blue (or pink), or will you go for a neutral colour scheme and incorporate pops of colour through the room’s decor? Whatever you choose remember that a baby’s room should have soft colours that are comforting and inviting, and simple colour schemes and themes are best.

Decorations – there are so many ways that you can  personalise your baby’s space. You could try display shelves, wall decals, framed posters, paintings, toys, books and ornaments. The options are limitless. Collect goodies from family and friends as this is a great way of saving extra cash and don’t buy everything in one go – for the first year or so your baby will not use half of the things you have bought him. Invest in a wooden trunk and baskets to store all of baby’s toys and gifts.