By Trisha Harinath and Esther Moloi, Project Consultant Candice Jin, Photography Paul Karnstedt and Franz Rabe

There’s a lot to be said about the beautiful homes in the Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate. Not only are they situated in one of the most prized estates in Gauteng, but the homes here are embraced with a tranquillity that encourages its residents and their guests to unwind, relax, slow down and enjoy nature at its best – the way life intended.

The homes at Serengeti, like this one, have been designed and created to blend in with the environment, harmonising with it through the use of natural materials and subdued, neutral hues.
And like the rest of the homes here, the magic in this one can be seen and experienced in its interiors. A modern, contemporary home with luxurious interiors, it has bright, open spaces that give it a fresh feel, while the finishes and furniture add an indulgent ambience.

A combination of glass, I-beams and natural dry stack stones, as well as wooden panelling, staircase treads and the deck, give the home an earthy look. Strategically placed cycads and other indigenous plants were used to add to the overall effect.

In keeping with the theme, an atrium in the lobby and kitchen area not only houses a selection of easy-to-maintain plants, but also adds to the tranquillity of the home.
The selection of neutral shades in the interior allows the residents to play around with pops of colour whenever they feel the need for a change – making it the perfect canvas for artistic expression.

Worth mentioning is the interesting way in which the spaces were designed. The dining room, kitchen, lounge, TV room and patio – although viewed as one big open space – are clearly defined. And from this living area, the well-established and fully-kitted patio beckons, especially during summer.

A hot tub, pool and water feature that takes centre stage with its colour-changing backlights – and which cascades into the pool – are just some of the facilities that can be enjoyed when the sun goes down on a hot Highveld day.

And come the bitter winter months, the family need not worry – a perfectly positioned fireplace has been designed to turn up the heat, making this home as enjoyable in winter as it is in summer.

In all its beauty, this home is indeed one for the soul.