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By Rami Moorosi, Project Consultant Lorna Ioakim, Property Co-ordinator Chantel Spence, Photography Nic Baleta

When the owner of this bold contemporary abode set about designing his perfect home, he knew exactly what he wanted. Like a well orchestrated musical performance nothing was left to chance and everything comes together harmoniously to create a masterpiece – so much so that the home owner states: “Perfection was the key and no detail was too small to be exactly how it should be.”

The owner also explains that the main objective was to create something unique, as well as a home where all luxuries where catered for. To create this perfect residence, Integrale Architects was contracted to turn this vision into a reality. Architect Sheldon Bakos from Integrale Architects explains that “the look and feel of the house was inspired by resort-type architecture, with highly textured finishes and large windows and doors to allow as much of the outside in”.

The extensive use of windows and doors ensured that the interior spaces are light and airy and bathed in natural light. This has been accentuated by the open-plan spaces with different areas merging seamlessly into each other. This has resulted in an undeniable sense of freedom, especially for the rooms that enjoy sliding doors and open up to the pool area and exteriors.

In terms of the site’s topography Sheldon explains: “There was quite a steep fall across the site – almost one in ten. This enabled us to place the garages and other service spaces under the house, thereby creating not only a large garden but one that was raised above the surrounding landscape, again encapsulating the views from the site. I think this ‘trick’ allowed us to gain the most from the design and site.”

The idea of perfection is carried through to the finishes, as the owner explains that you can’t compromise on finishes and still achieve the right look. Complementing the architectural style of the home is the choice of finishes that add depth and interest to both the interiors and exteriors. These include the anthracite granite cladding that was used for the external water feature and feature wall. Another great example is the feature wall made up of wooden cladding that has been cut to different sizes, as well as the wooden panelling. The look and feel of wood helps to create a warm and inviting mood in the spaces.

Throughout the home glass plays an important role in the design. Apart from the doors and windows, glass was used for the balustrading, wine cellar enclosure and in the kitchen, to mention just a few examples.

Attention to detail can also be seen in the choice of flooring. Contemporary colours in grey and charcoal were used for the floors to accentuate the design of the home.

For the bedroom, underfoot luxury was ensured with the use of wood. Added to all of this is the installation of underfloor heating in all the areas.

When walking through the interior, what springs to mind is “minimalism”. This does not however imply a cold or clinical look, as everything comes together to form unique spaces that are both warm and inviting. This look was achieved using a palette of matte greys, black and white. This was complemented by the high gloss finishes and wood. The owner explains that he wanted interiors that were “simple yet super stylish”. In this regard, he was more than successful.

Adding to the residents’ quality of life is the locale of the home: it is built in a safe complex and enjoys the convenience of being centrally located. The reason why he chose to build here was because he had previously lived in this complex but needed larger garages, and “location is the most important thing when building” adds the owner.

With breathtaking views, high quality finishes, and resort-inspired architecture – everything about this residence makes it an ideal habitat. By striving for perfection, the owners ensured that aesthetics and functionality came together in a perfection-inspired masterpiece.