Roasting the pumpkin before really does bump up the flavour profile of this soup. It’s a wonderfully warming winter soup, with an inviting orange hue. The toasted pumpkin seeds add a gorgeous nutty crunch, while the cumin turns this soup into something extraordinary. This soup is a winter staple and the recipe couldn’t be easier.


½ medium size pumpkin – cut into segments

1 tbsp. coconut oil or olive oil

1 onion – chopped

Water – enough to cover the pumpkin

2 x cubes chicken stock or vegetable stock

1 tsp. cumin

1 tsp. pepper

Salt – to taste

250ml cream

⅓ cup pumpkin seeds – toasted


1 Preheat your oven to 200°C.

2 Roast the pumpkin until it starts to get slightly brown and caramelized – around 80 minutes.

3 Once cooked scrape the flesh from the skin using a spoon or your hands.

4 Fry the onions in the oil until translucent.

5 Add the butternut.

6 Add the water and stock.

7 Add the cumin, pepper and salt.

8 Bring to the boil for 30 min.

9 Blend the mixture using a hand blender – be careful – it’s hot!

10 Once smooth, add the cream and stir to combine.

11 Roast the pumpkin seeds by placing them in a dry pan; keep shaking them around for 4 – 5 min until they start to pop. Watch them the whole time as they can burn easily.

12 Serve the soup with a few toasted pumpkin seeds on top and some crusty bread.