If there is one thing that we have learnt from 2020, it is that in the midst of trying times, South Africans know how to band together. In the spirit of spreading light and hope, SA Home Owner, together with the V&A Waterfront, brings you our Meet the Makers series where we share the stories of local brands behind the Waterfront’s Joy from Africa to the World festive décor showcase.

Meet Glorinah Khutso Mabaso, owner of Renaissance Design 

Mabaso is a pattern and product designer and also the owner of Renaissance Design. She has a strong desire to understand the common thread between ancient Africa and the present.

I became a designer because it’s my way of expressing and interpreting my thoughts and emotions and sharing my perspective of my surroundings with the world. Being a designer is liberating and it’s my sacred space where I can balance my inner peace and get remunerated for it.

I am inspired by history and I naturally gravitate towards everything that is different to me. I love ancient Africa – from the architecture, fabrics, patterns, indigenous sounds, astronomy, crafts, colour and spirituality to the ancient kingdoms and cities, it intrigues me! This is why I believe in creating modern African archives that are relatable and can fit into various spaces.

South African design is impeccable! I say that with the utmost respect for the craftsmanship, design details, versatility, creative intelligence and depth derived from our unique array of cultural heritage. When muted shouts sophistication and when colourful speaks of who we are.

My message to fellow South Africans is to not be emotionally distant; always be in touch with your loved ones. Be kind, supportive and compassionate – your strength is important and your sanity needs to be protected. We are all in this together.

Future plans include expanding the application of my patterns into other fields, exploring textiles and how various materials can be manipulated to achieve unconventional results.

Visit www.instagram.com/renaissance_design01