By Esther Moloi, Project Consultant Candice Jin, Photography Nic Baleta

The scenic setting of a farm was the ideal location for these home owners. “We wanted to live in an area that provided the luxury and serenity of farm-style living, with the added security benefits which this estate offered,” they say.

The design of the home was directed by the strict architectural guidelines of the estate. The single-storey structure was built according to eco-friendly principles, and taking energy efficiency into account. As it needed to blend seamlessly into the farm’s natural surroundings, only certain colours and finishes could be used.

A contemporary take on the traditional farmhouse was ensured with modern and homely finishes, but the house has been built and furnished so that it will not easily date. “We’d like to have a home that still feels appealing years from now, and would still be appealing to a potential buyer, should we be keen to sell at a later stage,” the home owner says.

The property enjoys beautiful views of the surrounding estate, but the kitchen is favoured for its outlook over the river, and, in winter, the sun settles in nicely.

With serene natural surroundings, rounded out with a pool and tennis court, this is the perfect home for a family that enjoys outdoor living, no more evident than in the selection of scenic photographs throughout the house.