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Keep the following in mind when investing in small or large kitchen appliances.


With the modern, minimalist kitchen scheme, your appliances will take centre stage, alongside clean lines and uncluttered spaces, so choose options that are worthy of the spotlight. Colourful large appliances are a huge trend for the coming season, and companies such as Smeg and Globalpact are offering gorgeous options in a variety of shades. Powder blue is a particular favourite and the perfect colour option for any kitchen style, from modern to country.

Pair with retro-inspired smaller appliances such as kettles and toasters, and you’ll be well on your way to a beautifully trendy kitchen. Many appliances are now being built into the cupboard space, offering a sleek and sophisticated overall finish.


While it’s all very well having a kitchen that looks the part, it’s the way it functions for you and your family that matters most. High-tech kitchens may seem futuristic, and even unlikely, but most of today’s appliances offer a nod to the future, and work hard to make your life function optimally.

Appliances are more energy-efficient than ever before, and most have added features that are so convenient, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. From dryers that steam your clothing, leaving garments ready-to-wear without ironing, to cookers that allow you to prepare various meals at different temperatures – at the same time, life is getting a whole lot easier.

The future

Investing in appliances can be daunting, so keep in mind that these are often pieces that can come with you when you move house. They are also items that, if selected well, won’t go out of style with the seasons – metallic-finish appliances have been going strong for many years now, and there’s no sign of their popularity diminishing.

If you’re looking to add personality to your kitchen, bring in colour and style with smaller appliances that aren’t as costly, and are easily replaced.