As SA Home Owner magazine, we know quality when we see it – and when we were asked to look at the Kohler ModernLife range, that’s exactly what we saw.

The ModernLife range has a sleek style to suit any bathroom with incredible easy cleaning convenience. Now we know that Kohler is an excellent bathroom brand with exceptional design prowess, so we weren’t exactly expecting anything less than superior quality with this range. They did however manage to exceed even those high expectations.

We love the simplicity in the range which makes it easy to fit in a variety of contemporary bathroom designs. The soft curves and seamless lines don’t just serve as a distinct design element, but make it easy to clean up any marks, water or soap in a single swift swipe.

The easy cleaning only gets better with the incredible wall-hung toilet design. There are virtually no nooks and crannies for dirt to hide, and the seat seems to be specifically designed so you can lift it without touching a single inch of the toilet itself. As if that weren’t enough, you can get your floor mop right underneath in no time at all.

There is something so simply satisfying about the effortless hygiene experienced in a bathroom range so stunning. The Kohler ModernLife range seems to have been designed with you in mind, making your life easier and more beautiful at the same time. It definitely has the SA Home Owner stamp of approval.

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