It’s been six years since Skinny laMinx set up shop in Bree Street, turning a greasy garage into a beautiful fabric studio and storefront in 2011.

Having grown exponentially in the years since, Skinny laMinx has now achieved the impossible: doubling its store space without having to sacrifice its beloved address.

The new-look Skinny laMinx HQ is the brainchild of fellow Bree Street neighbour Robert Sherwood and MILA designer Gerard Back. By increasing the store frontage, creating an inviting Pillow Lab for customers to make bespoke scatters, and placing must-have accessories such as tea towels and patterned table linen throughout, the pair have made sure Skinny laMinx more than tempts.

After making your purchases, be sure to snap up a copy of the Fine Living District map in store and explore the rest of what the neighbourhood has to offer, including home furniture and accessories at Pezula, beautiful accessories at Kirsten Goss and Missibaba, and delicious pastries from Jason Bakery.

A quick chat with…

Interior designer Robert Sherwood

What’s your favourite thing about Bree Street?

I love the mix of businesses on Bree – it allows you to go about your working day on a vibey inner-city street and then see it continue into the night, when the next crowd comes to enjoy what is on offer.

How do you think the street has changed for the better in the last six years?

There used to be many dead spaces between businesses, and these have become a lot less with new development, from the top to the bottom of this exciting street. I also believe the team from FIRST THURSDAY has had a lot to do with the change that has happened, which has brought new people onto the streets of this city.

What do you like best about the new Skinny laMinx store?

I like that it has opened up the space a lot more for the shopper and will allow the client easy visual access to the merchandise. It maintains the Skinny La Minx language, but now in a larger space.

Furniture designer Gerard Back

Give us three adjectives to describe the new Skinny laMinx store.

Stylish, chic, enthusiastic.

What did you enjoy most about working on this project?

Heather [Moore, creator of Skinny laMinx] and I share a love of materials and finishes, and puzzling out good-looking design solutions. It was really great for me having a client who cares about these things.

Do you have a favourite Skinny laMinx print?

I love the mad new Roof Garden print, but can’t decide which colourway I like best!